D. Chong

Ok, I'm not much of a bio-introducing person but here's the basic for starters: I am not art tutored and mostly self-taught. I'm doing my bachelors now, and just doing digital arts/design course.Sometimes inspirations just pops out of my mind out of no where or just by visiting places or looking at other artist works. I'm weak at monsters and men, ok-ish at animals/still life and better at lineart and females.By the way, I barely can visit elfwood because I can't have much personal art work done  and I also can't reply instantly to people who comment at my gallery and also repay the favour by visiting theirs. Apoligies in advance for those who comments at my gallery or wanted to see new pictures.But I will visit the galleries and reply to those who commented someday, and upload something sometime. I'm not quitting this gallery just yet! =x------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15/09/08--Yep, I totally neglected this gallery... but haven't forgotten abt it nor abandon it. My studies been overtaking most of my personal time and killing my mood. Atm there's just countless of class doodles made during my disappearance, which haven't been scanned and cleaned and just waiting for me to pretty them up.In short, I haven't really abandon my hobby nor the gallery and will do something about it as soon as I get a breather.