Chris wozniak

A Fantasy artist the official founder of his artwork called Enchanted Realms. Enchanted Realms is a place where he can express my feeling, emotions and moods. Indeed, Enchanted Realmsis a place Where he can escape into a world of fantasy, imagery, symbolism and dreams. These dreams capture the moments and feelings displayed in his artwork. Dragons are a symbol of my dreams which are expressed in his fantasy worlds. I would like to invite you to my artwork. I'm a college student at NCCC Niagara County Community College next to Buffalo, NY. I'm from grand island NY. I'm studying fine arts. I'm 22 years old single, interested in fantasy artwork. My inspirations for my artwork I would like to say are fantasy illustrators I would list a couple of them Keith Parkison, John Howe, Alan Lee, Brom, Michael Hague, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, Wayne Anderson, Michael Whelan, Yoshitaka Amano, Bob Eggleton, Arthur Rackham just to name a few. I also look at influences of Gothic, Celtic and mythology stories and art and I also read children’s fairy tale books, too. I have a website on the web at I would also apprciate it very much if you can sign my guestbook on my website and view my artwork. Thank you.