Chris Stanley

Good gods and goddesses, my last bio was incredibly melodramatic. C'est la vie, I was 19. As I type this, I'm now 23. My life has changed a lot over the years, and at the same time, it's almost exactly the same as it was years ago. I still live at home, with my mother and my pets, though the reasoning is now different. In 2002, it was because I was just starting out. Now... In July, my mother suffered a mild stroke, causing her to temporarily leave work. After a month, she was due to go back.  Unfortunately, the day before her return, she suffered a more severe stroke, and was left paralyzed on her right side. That was mercifully temporary, but the damage to her brain was permanent, effecting her language center and other, less well known areas, as well as her motor skills on that side. She's doing much better, and is able to take care of herself completely, but hasn't yet begun to recieve disability from the Social Security office. So, I'm giving her time, by paying most of her mortgage while living at home. Since 2002, I've had a /couple/ boyfriends, almost all of whom were sweet guys, though a few were real... pieces of work, one leaving me so torn up emotionally that I thought certain I'd never trust again. But my hard heart thawed and I found true romance in June of 2006, and someone I could love. Unfortunately the relationship didn't make it because of distance, but we remain friends. Since then, I've met someone else whom I'm hoping to make it work with. You know who you are. ;) I hope to be able to move out within the next few months, while still being able to help support my mother. (She deserves some support, dammit. My father didn't give it for her, like he should have, so someone has to.)While I don't expect I'll be updating this site very often, from time to time I may post pictures with a great deal of meaning, or art that I just feel is sort of a 'benchmark' for me.On another note, I'm now one of four staffers involved in YaoiNorth, a sub-convention of AnimeNorth that has been immensely popular for the last two years due to the variety of panels we offered. We've been invited back for next year, so if you're in the Toronto area at the end of May 2007, stop by and see me! :) Check out for more info! I've been the artist doing the artwork for the last two years, and it's been an experience, forcing me to learn as I work like very little other art has!