Chris the Bishonen!' Stanley

Welcome to my little corner of the library! Here you will find my stories, which will be posted as they're being worked on in the hopes of getting feedback to fix problems. Yes. You have free reign to correct spelling errors, grammer errors, description conflicts... (Like when I describe someone with blue eyes, then say later they're green, or something like that.) You get the idea. Just do me a favor. The poem 'Rape' is a bit personal. Read it, leave comments... but please... This one object... Don't pick at it, or I'll stop sharing it. It's very dear... Feel free to contact me on ICQ or MSN messenger. But give me a day or so to respond. It's been several years since I've written anything, but people have been asking for me to keep the site up because they like the work here.


A young slave boy meets his new master. No, not a lemon, but it is yaoi. Unfinished.

Elven Lovers

This is the story I've been babbling about for the last... year and a half! Angel and Salos!

Darra, the feline fury

Okay, this is another old story. I've not written anything recently, unfortunately. I hope you enjoy it, though! I was in a /really/ bad mood when I wrote this, and I think it's reflected in the character's attitude. Go Darra! Violence warning!

Thieves of Golden Heart (Part One)

Hmmm... Okay. This will be the first story I'll be posting to my library. I confess that I know diddly about HTML, so please, if it looks weird, tell me! This is one of my older stories. From about a year and a half ago. Slight yaoi warning, but nothing major. I've never finished this. Tell me what you think.