Welcome to my world! UPDATE NOV 1 2005: My life has been an interesting experience, a roller coaster ride filled with happy, and not so happy, ups and downs. I have been here at Elfwood for 5 years now, and reading my comments over the years shows how the world has changed my personality. I'm not quite as rambunctious as I used to be, I'm a little bit more self confident, in some ways a little more calloused, but I am still striving to be the best I can be. For me, to give up is to die, so I must go on, and if I am to go on, then I might as well try to achieve excellence in everything that I do. "Life is one big learning curve", and we're all in the same boat, just trying to figure this place out. So in closing, I just want to say that I will never stop learning, and the more that I learn, the deeper and more meaningful my life will have been. Thanks for reading. REGULAR BIO: Hello my name is Chris Shepard! The picture to the left shows me holding my trophy when I won 1st place in a college art competition, it was a very proud day for me! It all happened in the year 2000 during my first ever charcoal drawing course. Winning that contest really gave me a lot of confidence, and has influenced me to continue developing my art abilities. For more details on this, and original artwork See My Ebay About Me Page! Personal Info: Age; 37 Married no kids...yet! ^__^ Eyes; Blue Hair; brown Height 5'11 Brain; Squishy and wet. STYLE/INFLUENCES; I have been drawing since I was an embryo, and my style has always been influenced by comics. Some of my favorite comics were; The Savage Sword of Conan, Dreadstar, Fist of the North Star, Spider man, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, The Silver Surfer, Thor, The Secret Wars Saga, Devil Dinosaur, Godzilla, Alien Legion, Robo Hunter, Judge Dredd, Elric of Melnibone, Superman, and the list goes on! As you can see, I've read a lot of comics! and my style, and mind (*lol*), are heavily influenced by them! I especially adored the work of an artist named John Buscema (RIP), who illustrated most of the S.S.O.C. comics, and who co-wrote, and illustrated, a book titled 'How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way' I also loved/love; Frazetta, Boris, all the art from the D&D and AD&D manuals, and the works of Larry Elmore (especially on the Dragon Lance novels). But my single greatest artistic influence here on Elfwood has been from the incredibly gifted, and 'web-reknowned' artist IGINO GIORDANO. Check him out! He has a gallery right here on Elfwood! Igino's Elfwood Gallery! The Psychology of my Style; The underlying theme in all my art is 'POWER'. I have, and always will, try to convey a strong sense of power in my work, no matter what the subject matter. A great guy by the name of Richard Thomas Lankes pointed that out to me. I think the reason for my powerful style can be best explained in a concept I learned from my humanities course in college; 'Since prehistoric times, man has relentlessly pursued total dominion over his environment'. To me, that's what comics were all about, having 'super powers' to make formerly powerless people powerful. I believe that was the underlying attraction of comics for me, and currently, the underlying theme in my style. Criticism; I like, and want, criticism (advice etc.) as long as it's constructive, fair and balanced. I realize that there are a lot of flaws in my art, and that's why all my stuff is 'a work in progress', I will never stop learning about art. Updates; At this point, I am more interested in 'quality' over 'quantity', that's why it takes me so long to update. I see no problem in uploading 'concept sketches', 'rough drafts', or 'studies' though, because sometimes, these are even more fascinating than a finished piece to me. Conclusion; I invite you to come and take a look at what's inside my world, I think it's pretty cool, and I hope you will too! ^_____^ Final Note: I am available for Digital Art Commissions! Thanks for reading! ^___^ Links to Talented and friendly people here on Elfwood! Darrel Kell Pestana , Rochelle Green , William Li , Mike McCurdy , Keen Mun Wong , Brigid Kathleen Hallissey , William A. Clayton , Rhodri McCormack , Anneke Hut , Raphael Gonzalez , Stanton Fink , Ken McCraken , Oliver Booms , Jenna May Blyth , Lucy McGrath , IN A MOMENT OF PEACE AND LUCIDITY, I JUST WANT TO SAY THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVER BEEN TO THIS GALLERY AND COMMENTED. YOUR KINDNESS HAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE APPRECIATED. ELFWOOD MEANS, AND HAS MEANT, A LOT TO ME, YOU PEOPLE ARE GREAT. ELFWOOD HAS DEFINITELY BEEN ONE OF THE BRIGHT SPOTS IN MY LIFE. KYRIE ELEISON ON ALL THE ROADS THAT YOU TRAVEL! LONG LIVE THE CREATIVE PEOPLE!!