Christiaan, A.Iken

I must apologize for not responding to all the comments , i do read all of them though and appreciate them all,. Im sure some of u know what happens in elfwood, u stop commenting for one week, and than there are so many responses it goes into two weeks, and now ive just gotten lazy to which i totally apologize for. Ive been doing alot of comissioned work recently but have somehow lost the urge to paint for myself, mainly because im in love and in a wonderful relationship right now.Anyways One day i will hope to resume comments but sorry if i havent visited ur page because im just swamped with work right now.chris. .p>Jose Rodriquez, Sophie Klesen, Stephanie Law, Linda Bergkvist,Igino Giordano, Katy Rewston,Julia Weisenberger, Terry Ernest, Catherine Blanchard,Maria William, Ludovica Price, Katarina Pirra, Melissa Hitchcock, Troy Megli,Bree Patton, Christina Cox, Christina Roberts,Liesbeth Vancamp, Alang Hanif, Rafal Hrynkiewicz, Linda Jonsson, Kim Gampelaere, Jessica Kelly, Charlotte Witsenburg, Yan Gagne.Dan Harding, Jennifer Alice Peters, Puri Andini ,Marika viklund OKAY EVERYONE GO TO THIS GUYS GALLERY CAUSE HES HIDDEN IN ELFWOOD AND I REALLY LIKE HIS STUFF AND LEAVE A COMMENT.THANKS. Anders Enlund , Hannah Spute ,William li/a> ,Adrian Jain , Richard Raidel , a href=''>Ken Mccracken