Christiane Rosin

Update: 8/2/05 This may be my final update ever! You never know. A HP comic, and a more serious HP drawing. :o Didn't see that one coming, didja? Anyway, wow. I've been a member of Elfwood for quite some time. Unfortunately, you can't really see how much I've progressed drawing-wise in THIS gallery, my fantasy gallery, it's more clear. :D Or visit my devart. Elfwood will always have a special place in my heart, though. It has inspired me the most..and continues to. Enough of me being sappy, though. Go look at my art. ^_^ my happy lil gallery, you'll definitely find pics of: LOTR, POTC, HP, Zelda, and maybe some random anime later on. I don't really feel like talking about myself, so go to my Loth page if you really want to learn about me o.o I think my art reflects who I am, so that's enough :P I'd be very grateful if you left comments, because I love to read and reply to them all! ^___^ Thanks for stoppin' by! *waves and wanders off into the sunset* LINKS TO COOL PEOPLE: Maisha's Art (a very awesome HP/LOTR artist) Madison's Art (great comics of all kinds!) Colleen's Art (great anime art that needs more comments *hint*) Jenny's Art (YAY Nintendo!) Natalie's Art(soo funny...soo much parody goodness!) Sanna's Art (I stalk her! shh.)