Draekard X

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Christopher Yost

Much of X’s past is unknown to him, feeling that he forgotten much of it, except for the moment that changed his life. All he can remember was being captured by human hunters, manacling and chaining him, planning on taking him back to the Human Lands. However, a sudden storm hit, which destroyed the ship and killed all humans on board. X awoke to find that he was washed ashore in some unknown area, the chains were gone, but the manacles remained. For days he walked in one direction, knowing he would arrive at a clan, and possibly the clan that would give him a chance… He soon found himself in the Badlands, nearing the clan of Pyro. Everyone from the clan, especially Lord Pyro, were surprised to find a green walking into his territory, but none were prepared for what the green said: Bowing his head, he said: “Lord Pyro, am I ready and willing to commit myself to serve you and your clan to my fullest ability, in return that you allow me the liberty to destroy any humans we would encounter, including any human settlements.” Pyro was impressed with the green’s courage to enter his land and submit himself to him, and considering that Pyro lost his son to humans, he agreed to let the green, which he called ‘X’ due to his strange marking on his arm, destroy any humans he would encounter. As a green, X is quick, and with the manacles, he has been able to over come their encumbrance and has increased his speed and strength. Surprisingly, he has been able to defeat several reds in sparring matches. He has done all that Lord Pyro has asked, surprising many who have speculated that he would be dead in a few days. Already several humans have died at the claws of X. A small settlement was found on the Dragon Plains, and X and the small group of reds he was with took great pleasure in destroying it and killing the human occupants. Some say that he seems to be crazy, but many times he has showed that he is quite sane. X doesn’t show many emotions, but one can say this, at times he takes great pleasure in battle, and is extremely loyal to Clan Pyro. I didn't create the background, the background actually came from a screenshot from Konami's 'Castlevania: Rondo of Blood' game. Added a nice effect in my opinion. Draekards are copyrighted to Adelle 'Psycrowe' Crowe. 'X' and artwork are mine.

Published More than a year ago

Category Fantasy

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