Jeremy Marler

I am a constant source of trouble.  Anything I say can be immediately interpeted for the worse (and I love it).  I seem to get into more trouble with the less I say.  You can search for me on Google and find me at MySpace, Veoh, Freewebs, Photobucket and more.  I work in customer service and have always created comics and images revolving around the crazy things I hear about from my customers.  Drawing gives me an outlet to vent some of the insanity I see; when others see it and not only enjoy it, but understand, I realize I'm not alone. I like Creating comics about my job (and industry), working on my cars, and as always, getting in trouble. Favourite movies Bones, Heros, Mythbusters and Pinks. I'm even an old school BtVS fan. Favourite books Anything with Michael Wheelan's Art on the cover. Favorite stories are both Threshold and Emergence by David Palmer. Old school fan of McCaffrey, Asimov, Saberhagen, Anthony, Eddings, Moon, and many many others. Favourite music Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Within Temptation, Tatu and Jem and anything else than ends up in my 50 gig Mp3 collection.