Alice Chrosny

I'm an adolescent girl that has a passion for art. My main (and probably my only) skill is drawing cartoons. Unlike most people, cartoons are the real reason why I keep drawing. They're just so much fun and almost anything can happen in them. Anyway, I hope you leave comments and suggestions for me so I can improve more in the future. Oh, and one more thing, I do pretty much everything with freehand. Very rarely will I use skeletons or other art techniques like that. I think of it as 'winging it.'Oh, and did I mention I have had art galleries near where I live, a private art gallery in Poland, and some art in Japan?8/5/06: I can't believe I got a Mod's Choice on my Sneezed Animation!! Thank you SO much!! ^-^ 7/26/07: Mod's Choice on Now You See Me... Animation?! Of course while I'm away. THANK YOU!!!! (6/21/06) Sorry, but I'm paying more attention to my Deviantart account. You can still leave comments and I'll reply back. I'm not sure if I'll upload anything else here. Not promising anything, though.Latest and/or Upcoming Picture(s) or Ideas: (none) I like Cartooning, Animations and Badminton! Favourite movies Futurama (Go, Bender) Spongebob Squarepants (Shut up, Spongebob haters, you don't have to say anything) Alice in Wonderland (Obvious Reasons) Pirates of the Caribbean 1 2 (The Kraken!!) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Funny, funny stuff) Spirited Away (it was No Face that won me over) Howl's Moving Castle (It's Calcifer) Favourite books Alice in Wonderland (DUH!!) Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (another DUH!!!) Favourite music Depends on my mood