Crystel Redknap

Just so everybody knows that I am deleting A Witches Fate and Elfin Tale to repost Fallen Elf (which I have finished editting...I hope) and then re-edit Witch and Tale.  Hope you all enjoy. I like Reading, writing, drawing, movies, WoW Favourite movies Supernatural, The Last Unicorn, Lord of the Ringsl....pretty much all of it!! Favourite books Christine Feehan's Carpathian novel's, Forgotten Realms, Anything from Kelly Armstrong, and Karen Marie Moning, as well as Stephen King Favourite music really anything but Country and rap.

A Witch's Fate Prologue & Chapter One

Prologue: The History of Madgarou and the tale of Queen Mora of Neveah. Chapter One: Introducing Alassea Keszult, descended of the great Queen Mora.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Eight

Alassea leaves Mondoria to return home.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Four

Linea does a favour for Erwren.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Eleven

Linea leaves Curust to continue her destiny.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Four

Alassea travels with Cian through Neveah and into Mondoria.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Nine

Linea show's Domynic and Nikolai what she is made of.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Two

Alassea leaves the safety of Paridisio Valley.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Five

Alassea arrives at the Mondorian Capital and recieves her judgement from King Ecrovid.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Ten

Diadis' Yule Masque

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Seven

Alassea awakens and is no longer in pain. Author's Note: Suggestive sexuality...

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Six

After month's of imprisonment and torture Alassea is found by Cian.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chatper Ten

Cain ascends to the Mondorian throne.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Six

Finaris has her baby.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Seven

Linea leaves Paridisio for Diadis, and runs into trouble. Author's note: Translation for the Diadian words 'Eszagyrup szedros ni rettel' loosely translates to 'brother's in the Hunt we Stand'. Just thought I'd let you know.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Eight

Linea help's Domynic's Brother.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Twelve (Finale)

Linea finds her way to The Silver Land.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Five

Happiness and grief for our Elfin friend.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Two

Linea is followed on her way to Azalia.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Three

Linea tell's Erwren the truth.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Three

Alassea is held at the Mondorian Camp and when the soldiers attempt to have their way with her, her Knight in Shining Armour arrives...Author's Note: Some mature content, but nothing worse than in previous stories.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Eleven

Alassea and Cian truly talk for the first time in years.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter One

This is the story of Celindin and Lindale's daughter Linea.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Nine

Alassea's labour begins.... Author's note: The first three sections alternate between Cian and Alassea and the last one is a mix of the two characters.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Twelve Final

Cian finally gets to see both his children. Author's note: Sorry this took so long. I was not sure how to end the story.