Spencer 'Shorty' Choi

Hello, here is a bit of info 'bout me: Favorite Movie- 'The One' by Jet Lee Favorite Shows- 'Inuyasha'; 'Outlaw Star'; 'Dragonball' Favorite Book- 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight' of the dragonlace series and 'Wizards first rule' from the sword of truth series Favorite Game- Half-Life:Counter Strike; Diablo 2; Neverwinter Nights; UT2k3; Morrowind Guess what everyone!?!? I'm gonna make (or at least i hope to make) a sci fi page on EW, i've gotten one picture done already. Also, i'm designing charactors for a comic (i'll probably post one page of it on EW) showing some fighting from it. If i can make it so i can send attachments from aol, email me a month or two after i post the page. Actually- email me like 6 months afterwords, lol. I'll be away at camp for a month in the summer, then for a week to a month i'm away wakeboarding, so i'll have alot of free time while not doing activities.