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Yay!! I drew a profile! ^_^ This pic needs alot of explaining so please bear with me. I am sorry and I do will not blame you if you choose to skip my babble. This is Kes. Kes is half-demon, half-human. But I dont mean demons in the regular sense. Let me explain. The demons don't like humans much (and vice versa). They live isolated from human contact. Any demon who is friends with a human is seen as a traitor and is outcast, or worse. A union between a human and a daemon is forbidden and viewed as treason. The penalty is death. This is what happened to Kes's parents. The demons long ago gained the knowledge of how to channel their life-forces to different uses, like magic. They can use part of their life-force in this way but if they use too much they are weakened. They are able to channel it via three elliptical stones set down their spines. In demons the stones are a vivid red but as Kes is only half-demon his stones are purple. Dun ask me why. I just like purple. ^_~ The stones affect the life-force in such a way that it alters their eye colour too. All demons have red eyes. Kes's eye colour is, too say the least, unfortunate as it means anyone with a basic knowledge of demons will recognise him for what he is. Poor Kes. Both races see him as an abomination. He is shunned by both. Humans hate him and avoid him but at least they don't feel as strongly as the demons do. If Kes ever entered demon territory he would probably be killed. Well done if you got this far. Please forgive the length of this description. Here, have a cookie. *offers cookies* Awwwww bless. My poor lonely baby. He needs cuddles peoples! You will probably be seeing more of him in my gallery as I add more pics. Hmmmm, lonely bishie. Must find him a friend... *evil grin* Oh nearly forgot, this idea, as much as I wish it was, is not entirely original. The concept is loosely based on a series of books called Broken Sky by Chris Wooding. However I do mean loosely people!

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