Derek R. Clawson

Hey, its me, been awhile.  Time for an update. I am 17 years old.  I draw quite alot and enjoy reading.  I have an affection for reptiles which is quickly becoming an addiction.  I have several leopard geckos, a few crested geckos, and a gargoyle gecko.  And I don't see it stopping there >:D!  I also seem to be addicted to manga comic books.  Because of this i am running out of shelf room hehehe *sighs*.  I'm am into rock and roll, and metal, amongst other things.  My favorite bands are Metallica, ACDC, Iced Earth, and Behemoth amongst others.   I hope to get into character design for gaming companies (so if you like my stuff let me know ;))  It all starts on paper right? O well i have rambled long enough enjoy my gallery and leave comments.