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This is a riding mount I created becuase I hate to draw horses.  The grisgol is a reptilan mount and a tri-ped, yes it has only three legs.  The forelimbs have evolved and fused together but in an odd way.  It starts off with two shoulders one on each side of the body.  Then as the come out across the chest the forearms fuse together and lead down ot a single hand.  This hand has two short claws and three long razor sharp ones it uses to defend itself.  The hind feet are strong and ment for endurance sprinting.  A grisgol can clear 30 feet in a single leap and can maintain speeds of 50 mph for up to an hour at a time.  Another interesting adaptation is the fact that it is blind.  What use is a blind riding mount right?  Wrong, it uses echolocation like bats.  It emits high pitch clicks above human hearing and can view its environment through this.  Four ear openings help in this.  On top of that the grisgols sense of smell is fantastic.  With six nasal openings along the massive nasal cavity which is held in that large "horn" flowing back the head from the beak.  Its smell is 100 times more senitive then a hound, which enable it to often smell an enemy even before it hears it.  When a predator is senses grisgols let out high picth screams and squaks.  The fin and multiple tails are used to maintain its balance during its high speed sprints. Sorry for the long bio, i just really got into this critter :) DOne in ball point pen at the computer desk 20-30 minutes.

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