Ingvild Hoff

OKaaaaaaay.. Time to write something again... i cant seem to understand how people stand to do this every day.. its SOOOO boring :XD: But, but, i guess it just gotta be done! Hmpf.. Well, i just got in the door from our trip to first Germany, Essen, and then Spain, Barcelona.. yes, I'm just a little spoiled!;P But it was actually for my mum and dad's anniversary, they have silver wedding this year (Thats 25 years right? Yeah i thought so:D) and decided to do something cool for a change. Well, actually we goes to Essen every year, for the yearly car messe there! I LOVE CARS! This was the 4th year we went there. Its just as fun every year! I have LOADS of pictures, but i gotta get them into my mac somehow, and thats not as easy as it sound, just as you know! My favorite cars are Morgan, Aston Martin and Audi (well i like Porsches as well, but i just like the one car, the carrera 911 model, and i don't see that as loving the CAR as a car type, thats just the one model.. hard to explain, but thats just me!) but i also have lots of cool pictures on my canon and i juts might upload some of them;P But of course, it wasnt just cars in Essen, the shopping street there is AWESOME! I bought two new blouses, one west(hihi i dont remember what the fabric is called in english), and one SUPERCOOOL shirt, yellow and reached me mid-thighs! TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! Im so awkward sometimes :D Okay, but Barcelona was also wonderful. We didnt get much time in both cities, just 4 days each, and i could've been there like SOOO much longer! If i hadn't been listening to the start of Breaking dawn, since i woke up 4 o'clock tonight (my stomach hurt, and i had to take a bath to relax, but i couldn't even sleep after that, so i laid in the bed 2 hours unable to sleep, so yes tonight i got 4 hours of sleep.. perfect!) untill just 5 minutes ago, i had been too huffy all the flight... I had this baby behind me at the plane, and it just kept crying and screaming and crying and screaming; I thought i was gonna loose it! Oh, but Barcelona was wonderful, except it rained yesterday and it was really sad cuz we saw all these mice and rabbits, and frogs, and turtles, and birds being sold from these small cages, all cold and wet, and it was sooo heartbreaking! I got the one most adorable picture of one of the rabbit-babies (whatever that is called) and i think i might upload that one.. if i ever get it onto my mac -___-' We shopped a lot even though i didn't find anything else than a purse. Not the hell i'll mention what kind it is, i wouldn't dream of what you guys would think about me if i told you :XD: HAHAaa.. im evil!:D HAHAaa, I've just been addicted to Naruto, if anyone care.. I mean, EVERYONE here knows what that is, so i thought i just HAD to check it out, and my brother think its soo hilarious, and yes it is, and sooo exciting, it might just be me, but I almost killed myself when Sasuke "died" just in the beginning! I was like "WHAAAAAAAT?!?! NONOOOOO!!", you see ive only come to the 34th episode, but at least its moving forward:D Yes, i am retard... :XD: ILOVETHATWORD!!! Oh, well, ill shut up already, im a bit hyper cus of the flight i believe... "Gee, get a grip, Ingvild!"! Oh and, "Retard" is my new favorite word, if you haven't noticed X3 I adore every single one of you, guys, especially you who have the courage and carefulness to leave a comment and tell me whats on your mind. It doesnt take a lot to fave a piece of work if you like it, but then remember that the guy that made that piece used hours, maybe days on it, and is thrilled to get a reply on his work... Think about that!:) And maybe you'll make the day of the person you comment, just because you press that "send" button, once in a while! Its a great feeling, right? And remember, if you wanna talk, im here 24/7(well almost:XD:)!:hug::heart: Ps. I guess this became a little too much for me, im tired from the 4 hours asleep, and you gotta excuse me, but just think about it!;) I like Well.. I like boys, friends, Tv, MAC :D, draw, cats and vampires;P.. Favourite movies SUPERNATURAAAAAL!:D And Heroes of course X3 Favourite books Twilight(even though it's starting to get a LITTLE old), Graceling(AWEEESOME!), The Hunger Games(OMGCC! READ IT!)! Favourite music I've really "updated" my taste in music; I only listen to Rock, Gothic Rock, some pop, classics, jazz^_^ Bands i LOVE: 1. Jimmy eat World 2. Breaking benjamin 3. 12 Stones 4. Eve 6 Artists I love: 1. Michael Bublé 2. Debussy(You get the picture^_^) 3. Pink