Josh Dixon

I'm 27 years old, originally from Altoona, Pa. ... I am corrently going to the art institute of Portland for media Arts and Animation. Me and my wife have a 2 year old girl. I just started to get into steampunk recently- I'm a little bit of a mad inventor and explorer at heart...   I draw/paint mostly Fantasy/scifi style art work and hope to get good enough to be able to do peices like Brom and Ramon Perez. i am studying to become a animator but what i really would like to do is paint book cover, movie poster, comic cover, posters, etc for book companies/authors and movie studios/directors. I like Table top RPGs, LARPS, Comic Books, Music, Movies, Good Fantasy Books, Martial Arts. Favourite movies The flash, Batman, The Supewrnaturals, Dresden Files, Dr. Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, FireFly, BAttlestar Gallatica, SG1, SG1: atlantis, Frascape, HEllBoy, Pan's Labrinth, The TIck, Stephen Chow movies, Tim Burtin Movies. Favourite books The Dresden Files, The guardians of The flame, The magic of Recluse, Marcedes Lackey, A Song of Ice and Fire, DraGONLANCE, HArry Potter, The shadow Wars, LE Modesitt Jr., DAVID ENDDINGS, The fifth Ring, ....... Favourite music Punk, Ska, Goth, Alternative-rock, classical, folk, big band, All Most anything from the 50's,