The Battle of Midnights End

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Daniel Ecklund

This is the result of being extremely bord on a sick day away from school. I spent the entire day trying to get a drawing of these two of my characters from the third book, Faraway Serenity. I spent somewhere in the range of 6 to 8 hours on this. ^_^ The only real thing that i didn't like about this one was the fact that you cant tell what the background is. It was suppose to be water, but it looks more like a giant feild... oh well... it was one of my first experiments with background anyways. That aside, This is Soran Starfyre (Zaelin's alternate persona)weilding the unmastered Serenity, mounted atop Salnyien. Sal may be big, but he'd just a pup compared to his mother, who is one of the four spirit gods. The four gods are MASSIVE in their own right. There is Maren the wolf god, Tsai the Eagle god,Mandine the White Tiger god, and lastly Delini, the dolphin god. Salnyien, obviously, is one of Maren's litter. Update!: With some help from a teacher i've managed to get it to look a bit more like water in the background... what do you all think? gimme your opinions :)

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