Corinne Lines

The reason I first fell in love with drawing, was because of the freedom I get, I lose all sence of time, I can put my heart and soul into a piece and feel poud of the end results. I get inspiration from anywhere, but mainly though music and other peoples views and tastes. My goal is to simply learn how to express myself in more colourful ways, my career aspiration though, is to use my passion to broaden how people my persive the world (rather like how the Matrix turned the world upside down) but I would be glad to produce a great peice of graphic design or illustration if I thourght it would communicate and influence any people who veiw it. I mainly work with pencil, camera and Photoshop, each other these I want to get the most out of and is only limited by my current knowlegde. I hope any who veiws my work, enjoys it as much as I did creating it and comments are really welcome! I like Right, interests, they include manga and anime, as I find the vast range of styles inspiring. I like the idea of spirits and thinking there is something more than what things appear, but I won't touch witchcraft n other such arts, cause I believe its best not to mess with things you don't understand. I love taking photos and morphing them on Photoshop, but then I also love a well chosen font or effective layout. Favourite movies Well in terms of what movies an shows I like, its primaraly horror and fantasy, recently I've been into the cult werewolf movies Ginger Snaps and random anime like Fooly Cooly. Favourite books Oh books, I know I should read more, my bibliography includes a fair bit of manga, that list can be found on my Bebo account, but am also slowly making my way thourgh the Eragon trilogy, wish me luck. (hehe) Favourite music My tastes in music vary a fair bit, mainly loveing rock in most forms, I love the energy of rave and drub and base, but can be entranced with a good piano piece. I'm into some classics like Lynard Synard and Guns n' Roses. I like other random ones like Axxis, Sonata Artica and Nightwish. Others in my little collection includes Evanescance (only occationaly), Gorillaz, Lemon Demon, (alot of:) Linkin Park, (abit of:) Nightcore, Tatu, MCR, Lost Prophets, The Prodidy and Lordi and of course the best anime themes.