Chris Poole

'Hello and welcome to the library. Can I help you? Or are you just browsing?' A man from the corner of the library section labeled Christopher M. Poole greets you, graciously ushering you into the light. 'What ever it may be you needn't tell me. But take this as protection and guide, for the journey you are about to endure may be a dangerous one. Enter cautiously.' The man hands you a map with the following text printed on the front cover:   CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL POOLE, a guide to the library. Brother's Quest- also known as Macidermadale - A long and dangerous glimpse a war waging planet and a dying society. For experienced travelers only. Entrapment - a dark poem about an evil wise and old awaiting the day he will be freed from his prison. For intermediately experienced travelers and up. Epic - Leap from Vertigo Beach - A poem about the struggle of a girl through a sad short life. For travelers of all experience. Foreign Mage - a fun poem about a fun topic. Recommended for those looking for something light hearted. Forest night - an older poem about forests and their inhabitants. For travelers of all experience. Gone at dawn - a poem about an old castles end. Dark but hardly dangerous. Troubles of a scribe/fire rose - Two poems about exactly what they sound like. A little old but not stale...yet. For travelers of all experience. Vicious Boy - also about exactly what it sounds like. Exciting fun for travelers of all experience. Yes of Course - a newer story about two bookkeepers searching for a lost spell. But the answer was much closer then they ever suspected. Slightly wet but not all too dangerous. For intermediate travelers and up.

Yes of Course

Two bookkeepers find themselves on an adventure that takes them closer than they expected.

Epic - Vertigo Beach

Read my friends.

Foreign Mage

A fun poem

Brother's Quest Part 2 (Macidermdale)Chapter 1

Here's More To The First. It won't make sense unless youve read the Part One.

Moving Slowly

Moving slowly not to be confused with laziness. Not really fantasy just wisdom.

Good VS Evil

My version of the tale. I think I could reword it better

The Vicious Boy

A poem

The Troubles of a Scribe

I guess these are just poems I wrote yesterday when I had writers block.

Brothers Quest 1(Macidermdale) Chapter 1

Two brothers find themsleves on a quest to save the dying society of Macidermdale.

The Thieves of West Haven

Chapter one. A story about, well, you read it.


A dark poem

Macidermdale Chapter 4

Chapter 4 to Macidermdale. The end of part one.

Macidermdale Chapter 3

Chapter three to the big one. :)

The Puppeteer

Chapter two of The Thieves of West Haven

Macidermdale Chapter 2

The second chapter in the first half. Enjoy. :)

Gone at Dawn

A poem

Forest Night (Poem)

First fantasy poem. Its a good first.