Flora Lonyi

Hello everyone! Welcome to my FanArt section! Hope ye like it... About me...I'm a 14-year-old Hungarian girl, I live in Budapest. (for more info see my SF&F page)I'm a big Harry Potter fan so I draw -what a suprise- Harry Potter fanart. I also like LOTR, Narnia(whee Aslan...^_^), Disney movies, like Pirates of the Carribean(whee Jack Sparrow...^_^), and Grimm tales. And I'm a Simsala Grimm addict too, which mades me a kindergartener. ^_^ My style:First: I'm all self-taught. So don't expect a perfect work from me.I have a cartoonish style. I mostly suck at drawing people, so I draw animals. But of course, I draw people too... But I just can't draw hands... I mostly do my work by ballpoint pen, watercolor, and of course pencil, either colored or normal graphite. And again, welcome to my gallery. I'll try to update pics as many as I can. XXX,   Flora                     *** Kronology: 2006. 10th of August --- Whew! I got published! @_@ (F&SF) around October - Got a webpage! Yay!