Therin (The Eagle)

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Cody Penny

This is a picture of Therin. I can't begin to tell you his story but I will paste this brief overview of who (The Eagle) really is. There was one artifact in the world. It was made of the stuff of days before the Great Sleep. In it rested spirits of the first Age. The Ancient Ones felt the power from the artifact and believed with it they could fight off the Great Sleep The powers in their brief war had wrestled for it's control with such ferocity that the prize was broken. The half that was touched by the Ancient Ones broke into 6 shards. The remaining half were kept from further damage by the Powers of Before. That half was taken in the final moments of the Great Sleep and forged into a Sword to bring lighter times to the world. The Ancients created 6 different smaller items for the implementation of darker times. All of the artifacts appear and disappear with the ages. None of them where meant for mortals. When the Sleep finally came the shards where scattered throughout the world and the sands of time. It was a quiet time and only a few of the ethereal races roamed the lands. This was the age of the Whistless. Before creatures roamed the lands only the Whistless roamed. They were made of shadow stuff and have Roamed Regalia before anyone or anything. The land was a dark but peaceful place. It remained a boiling pot of Adjisti. The oceans remained as glass. For an eon’s time stayed still. In this deep calm of the storm the Mist came. The towers became active and races came. The world began to become alive once again. The new arrivals began their contest of survival of the fittest. Eventually the world populated and grew. Empires came from and returned to the dust. Then in the quiet of the night the influence of Ancient Ones was felt. They had a strange hierarchy. A Vassal was the most powerful minion that there dreams brought into the world but only during the Darkest points of an age unless it's arrival could be stopped. Heralds were the next in power and their goal was to bring about the evil that the Ancients personified. Only 2 could enter the world at any given time. They each had 6 generals to carry out their horrors. In the time of the Ancient Ones Weakest only 1 Herald could enter Regalia. He was always the strongest. If he won control at that point the entire age would enter a destructive rage that would wipe the world of life. Things would crawl the lands that should not be in any time our place. To make certain that this would not happen and keep balance the Child Prophet allowed one of the ancient races to find the sword known as Keathra. It was the remaining half of the great artifact now shaped into the visage of a sword. It was far from just a sword. In the early times the ancients won the Battles of the Ages. The one that fought the evil came to be known as the Eagle. Each time the age came Keathra retained the knowledge of the last Eagle. With each Age he became more of a power until finally the balance was restored and the Eagle brought peace to the lands against the Great Herald. The battles continue but for the existence of the Eagle the fate of the world remains in the hands of its mortal rulers.

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