Hayley sutton

My name's Hayley Collier, im 26 years old (wow, every time I update I have to add a couple of years onto my age. Thats scary lol), an infant teacher from sunny Swadlincote in Derbyshire.Apart from ink sketches, I tend to use watercolour in my work. I love the transluscent effect it has and find it much easier to use than acrylic. I have been drawing manga style characters for many years. I started off watching anime cartoons and pausing tapes to sketch the characters when I was little and soon got hooked. I developed my style after reading a range of different manga from Baby Birth (very wierd but gorgeous characters) to Love Hina (less strange and quite funny) and taking elements from the artwork to use in my own pictures. Aside from manga I also enjoy drawing dragons, angels and other fantasy images.Fave elfwood artists are zachary Enos Stundburg, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and David Frechette (all were on elfwood a couple of years ago when I last edited my profile).Commisions are always welcome :). I work for £15 per hour (most character ink sketches are completed within an hour). Most of the actual drawings and paintings on Elfwood are available to buy for very reasonable prices. Email me if you're interested. Favourite movies LOTR Favourite books Game of Thrones Favourite music Muse, Red Hot Chillis, The Cardigans