Albert Colon

Im Dude, a Tattoo Artist (Bronx, New York), Painter & Philosopher... amongst many other things. I am currently on a mess of projects ranging from short films, to my new companies website, to upcoming gallery showing of my newest paintings. I am a supporter of Freedom, Fantasy and all things born of the imagination. Freedom is not the same as democracy, so for this logic alone, I honor the Elfwood lands and the people who traverse them... may our imaginations never lose sight of our true past and indeed, our truest destiny... I like New World Order, Tattoos, Metaphysics, Magic and the Arcanum, Ascension of Spirit and Mind, Harmony of the Universe, and anything with cheese... Favourite books Dragonlance Series, Wheel of Time Series, Dune, 1984, Favourite music Mobi, Bjork, Marylin Manson, A Perfect Circle, Killswitch Engage, Tool, System of a Down, Muse, U2, Busta Rhymes, Immortal Technique, Two Steps from hell and anything composed by bear McCreary!