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 Kaena is a Lerikhet, a powerful race of elf-like shape-shifters and energy manipulators.  She hails from Kaenon, an ancient kingdom which has fallen since she fell into slumber.   Thousands of years ago, Kaenon was a dying land, with paranoid citizens who would panic at the sight of the Brand of Coronis.  This marking forged itself into the skin of whoever lived through the Corruption, a disease spread by an Archdemon who aimed to convert or kill.  The Corruption would usually either kill you, or mutate you into a demonic follower of the source of the Corruption.By the time Kaena was born, the kingdom was in decline, and the Lerikhet who had not been hunted down lived in the solitude of their ancient temples. The paranoid Lyrans who inhabited the kingdom had hunted the Lerikhet near to extinction and driven out the few remaining members of the race.  This was done because the man who had mutated into the demonic entity which started the spread of the Corruption had been a Lerikhet.Kaena grew up in her mountain temple, and stayed in the surrounding area for five hundred years.  However, one day, while practicing her special brand of sorcery, she encountered a creature she had never seen before.  She underestimated it, and attacked it head-on, angering the frightening figure. The creature leapt at her with such speed that she had no time to react.  When it slashed her with its gigantic claw,  she became dizzy and soon fell unconcious. When she awakened in the temple, she found a strange mark emblazoned on her shoulder. This was the Brand of Coronis, a mark feared even when Lyrans developed it.  Her father knew that if Kaena ever left her home now, she would be killed. A Lerikhet with the Brand of Coronis would be considered extremely dangerous by the Lyrans in Kaenon, and would be a target as soon as she was spotted.Kaena and her family returned to a life of solitude and prayer, and lived happily for a time. However, one night, there came an enormous earthquake which caused terrible damage to the temple and nearly killed her mother. The next day, on the other side of the mountain, Kaena spotted a gigantic pillar sporting rotating half-rings of stone, the cores of the rings and pillar glowing an eerie aqua blue.  When Kaena informed her father, he instructed his wife and daughter to come with him. To Kaena's surprise, they left the temple. Then the mountain. Eventually, they trekked across the valley to reach the huge tower.   When Kaena asked her parents what was going on, they turned to her and began their story.  Her parents told her a story of redemption and salvation.  When the cursed Lerikhet made the mistake of playing into a demon goddess' trap, he mutated into a creature which eventually went out of control when the goddess was sealed away. To prove to their patron god that they were worthy of salvation, they were to endure 10,000 years of dedication and persecution.  When they had paid their debt, the ancient towers of the Lerikhet would rise from the ground and help bring the remains of the race to a place where they'd be safe.Though the small family had hidden their ears by retracting them, and though Kaena's Brand was hidden by a bandaged wrap, a troop of Lyran bounty hunters had been eavesdropping, and when they jumped them, there was no avoiding conflict. First they grabbed Teiyo, Kaena's mother.  She begged her family to run while attempting to drive them off with her powers over energy. However, this only bought them time.  Kaena's father was activating the tower's abilities with his own powers when his wife arrived to speed up the process. Kaena joined in, however, the Lyrans weren't far behind her mother. The woman was struck from behind, and when the tower activated, Kaena's father begged her to enter by walking through the pillar.  Activating her own powers, she entered, and felt nothing. She stayed in a suspended animation for 1, 000 years, sustained by the mysterious constructs which had saved her.  When she awoke, she was floating above a shimmering pool of water. When she spotted something glowing beyond the water, she dove in, and emerged in another space the same as the previous. She then decided to leave the tower, and concentrated hard enough that her will materialized her outside of the tower.  She then realized she was far from home, and that her parents were nowhere to be found.  She retracted her ears and went undercover in a Lyran city  as a woman called Claudia Hunter.  There, she met a human named Aven Sinclair, and when they developed  a special bond over time, Kaena decided he should understand since he's not Lyran either, and showed him her true nature.  This went well, and they eventually became lovers. However, Aven disappeared with barely an explanation, and Kaena has been searching for him in vain ever since.

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