S. 'Stormy' O'Connor

There's never much for me to say without lying, over-exaggerating or re-inventing (or at least never much I can think of)... so I'll just leave you with the plain facts. I'm a nineteen year old Aussie girl with an over active imagination and a stubborn temperment. I spend more time in my own fantasy world than I do in my mundane reality, and I must admit it would do me good to stop battling ogres and pirates and tackle my assigments once in a while. But I have my small hexigon of friends, my studies, bizare hobbies and my internet distractions to keep me constantly creative, so I don't see my day dreaming as being too detrimental to my current existance. Yet, anyway. All my inspirations come from the usual places; the things I see, the things I read and the things I hear. Unfortunatley these things are usually extracted from my surroundings and smushed up into a ugly ball of ideas... therefore it becomes a little hard to define where my thoughts and images come from... if I ever figure it out I'll let you all know. Update March 06: Aye, I am a horrid, horrid person... 'ave been using deviantART far more often that I have been browsing about Elfwood (where my loyalty does, naturally, lie). But I have a brief update for my miserable gallery here... hopefully the first of many this year.