MacKay Wilford [blue]

::sneeze.:: God. I really don't write enough. I have all these half-written things; and then I write more and it seems wrong and awful. I kind've need some reassurance that I'm not the worst writer in the world. o.o;

The Cat Lady

I created a character named Zephan who is half spider demon of some kind. Maybe I'll try sticking up the story that explains what he is. Y'know what? I will. Right after this. Aaaaanyway, HE wrote this piece -- he's a writer, of sorts, even though he's never published a book and edits, instead...


This comes after Ice Sculptures. Read this first, though, would you? I think it's more interesting that way. Hitchhiking->Ice->Lilacs

Thalia's tale

A short poem I invented for a character...Thalia, Muse of comedy


This is my attempt to write a 'once upon a time' type thing. What is this kind of story called?

Zephan and Jerolin

Aaahmy. I can't really explain, but I do feel a need to warn against a certain amount of slashiness . This kind of explains who/what Zephan is. I...really like him. e.e

Gathering Lilacs

This was a spontaneous thing I wrote one day, out of boredom. I think it's my best. Perhaps read it *after* 'Hitchhiking,' even though it's chronologically first, because it's...better, that way. Hitchhiking->ice->lilacs

Ice Sculpture

Third after Gathering Lilacs, this comes between that and 'hitchhiking'...but, perhaps it would be more fun to read backwards. I like it better that way. Hitchhiking->Ice-> Lilacs


This is the first part of a story I've had in my head for a long time. First person present tense -- I don't know why I like writing in it so much. eventually, the story would be a retelling of the arthurian legend, with some really warped charaters

Battle on a Cliff

This was a dream I had one night. It is a touch confusing, because I kept switching people, and neither one had a name, but I tried to keep it exactly as it was in the dream.

Something unfinished.

This was something strange I spontaneously started to write. I don't know if I'll ever finish, or where it's going... Originally, it was a 'write a story from a movie quote' assignment. The first line was 'This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world.' But, I've cut that out....