Anna Kasho

I was born, I became 24 years old, I joined Elfwood. I have a variety of pets, including snakes, iguanas, geckos, parrots, pheasants, and insects. I have been drawing creatures of various kinds for as long as I can remember... Ok, a bit of an update: Winter holidays, free time, so a couple of new pictures are finished and submitted, and a couple more are coming up - keep an eye out for a playful mermaid and a dragon/human duo. I've discovered a few pet peeves about fantasy art as well... Firstly, bird-anthros (furries in general, but especialy the bird ones) give me the creeps - I'm too much in love with real birds to ever be comfortable around these monstrous hybrids. Secondly, I can't stand mermaids with a tail that bends at the 'knees', not exactly conductive to sleek effortless grace underwater. And finaly, anime-style characters with overly large eyes, cute button noses, elongated limbs, impossible hair, and static facial expressions, are definitely NOT my cup of tea. I know it takes dedication and work to create good anime/manga style art, so I can appreciate the skill, but just like graffiti art, the style clashes too much with mine. One last thing - I don't do freebies or requests, I MAY consider an art trade if I happen to like your work, and I certainly do commissions but they ain't cheap! I do my art to relax and to have fun, not to conform to someone else's idea or subject matter. NEW -  another long-time-no-see update. I've been too busy working :(