Michelle Hermary

untitled I paint mainly in watercolor and metalic paints with the occassional forray into scratchboard. I've been known to paint on animal bones and shells and I'm eagerly looking for the chance to paint a deer skull sometime in the near future. I'm a practicing pagan with Native American Shamanic leanings. Until I find decent bones to paint, I'm stuck handfeeding baby birds. I had my first conure clutch (five babies! Wooop!) as of April 2006 and had a terrible experience with my March 2006 clutch of cockatiels (down to one baby. Waaaa!) . I hope to breed yellow sided conures and yellow cheeked cockatiels. Before I do that I need a bigger apartment! As of August 2006 I have 15 birds, 6 rats, 3 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 1 tank of Guppies. I'm planning to neuter my male piggy so he can actually hang around his girls without the threat of babies arriving on the doorstep (again). If you need help with anything parrot related or rat related, or anything to do with guinea pigs and horses.. and race dogs... and dragon raising... just scream ^.^ ! Be warned - I talk a lot! I draw because it satisfies the urge to create. I draw because I must. It's like an itch. If I can't doodle, I twitch and when I twitch I whine a lot ^.^ . I've started carrying a sketchbook with me at all times and folks have told me that I draw humans pretty good. What a change from the days where horses and dragons were the only thing I even stick drew! A lot of my critters look like dinosaurs and unicorns 'n stuff. Most of the time they're not. I base my critters on a favorite species or two and over time they'll become more dino or horse like. It's fun for me, because I can let my imagination fly while the people around me wonder about my sanity. When I draw, I will create everything about this species. From interdimentional Vampires and their God to teleporting dragons and Tyrannosaur like relatives of dragons, I do my best to invent. I even have a world where I've invented a language, map, several species of dragon, the dragon's mating habits, bone structure and how this world's dragons create fire. If I can find the maps I created years ago I would love to get into weather movement and ocean currents. I just wish I could write! My biggest complaint about my digital art is that it is incredibly blurry. I usually reduce things to a quarter of their size when showing them on the web. I've not done that to my Elfwood gallery just so people can see the techniques I've used. Please forgive any problems that may occur due to the images' enlarged sizes. My hand drawn work is much crisper though not as realistic as some of my digital art. I was in art school for 4 years though I could not finish my training due to money concerns. Then I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I've been supplementing my bird breeding habit by freelancing. I regularly take art classes at my local art gallery just to make sure I keep my schooling in check. I've also taken some graphic design classes though it's not my favorite thing to do.