William Conwell

Well, that first semester of college certainly did suck a whole lot. Anyway, time to update the old bio again I guess. My name is Bill Conwell, for those of you who didn't notice the huge name at the top of this page. I'm a hardcore headbanger (metal-head) with tastes running along the lines of Ozzy Osbourne and KoRn. My genre is horror, both books (Stephen King got his last name by fate, for he is the King) and movies (gimme a lame plot with stupid teenagers, and a rotting killer in a hockey mask, and you got a happy guy). Naturally enough, I hate cute dragons and make mine slavering, fanged terrors. Even if the dragon is good. I draw a lot of monsters and demons, and a lot of blades and weapons. I don't draw people or humanoid creatures much, of my talents, human anatomy is not one of them. My gallery is full up at 50 now, so if I ever get a chance to put any of my new stuff up I suppose I'll have to make some changes in the lineup. Feel free to comment, it'll help me figure out what to replace. Besides, I love comments.