Hello!  My name is Robyn, and welcome to my gallery!   It's so nice to see you!  I'm glad you stopped by.   I am thrilled to have this gallery.  It makes me feel really good about myself.  All of the wonderful comments that I have recieved so far have helped to boost my confidence greatly.  So, please...enjoy your visit, and feel free to leave comments!  All of the cc is welcome, but if you intend to be rude, and leave rude comments, then I shall have to transform and eat you!  Mwahahahahahaha!  On a more serious note, if you do intend to be rude, please, keep your comments to yourself.  And I ask that for all the rest of the artists here, as well because they have worked long and hard on their art, and don't deserve the rudeness.  We all appreciate the cc though.  In the mean time....enjoy your visit to Elfwood!  There are many terrific galleries here! I now have a dA account...the beginnings are meager, but slowly growing.  My id is copperhead1973  JUST A NOTE.......ALL MY IMAGES ARE COPYWRITED TO ME!!!!!!  IF YOU WISH TO USE AS A BACKGROUND, OR SUCH, PLEASE ASK FIRST.   I AM SICK OF PEOPLE STEALING ART WORK AND TRYING TO PASS IT OFF AS THEIR OWN.  IF I FIND ANY OF MY WORKS ANYWHERE, AND THEY  HAVEN'T HAD PERMISSION TO BE USED, I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTIONS!!!!!!! I like My interests? Well, let's see....I love to draw and paint, and when I'm not doing that, I am spending time with my family. I am an avid hunter, and I love to fish. I am also into NFL football...go Broncos! I also looovvvveeeee NASCAR! Jeff Gordon is my #1 driver, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr is my backup driver. I also like watching WWE. John Cena is the man! Lol. I also love working on cars. I've recently had my hands in the rebuild of two engines, and am hoping that some day soon, hubby and I can build a muscle car from the ground up. Favourite movies Hmmm....Sci-Fi/Fantasy? Let's see......All the Star Trek shows....I love Anime....especially Bleach and Inuyasha. Any of the older sci-fi movies, and I just love the Sci-Fi channel. It's my favorite. Lol. Favourite books Books? Oh, I love Anne McCaffery, Robert Jordan, Dean Koontz, and the horror king himself....STEPHEN KING!!!!!!!!! :-D Favourite music It all depends on my mood at the time...but I do like Classic Rock, Country, Heavy Metal, some Hip Hop, Alternative, Classica, Pop.