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The year is 263 RO, well after the collapse of the Five Empires and hundreds of years beyond the time when the Shabenay were thought to have been destroyed, but in the last 20 years rumors have been confirmed that the Shabenay were back, and with them, all of the old resentments against the race. Shifting Times tells the story of the Shabenay, a race of shape-shifters who are, in effect, cursed and rejected by the world. Five young 'shifters, Shinkir, Rirhe, Aitnu, Mri'tia, and Kri, begin the movement to claim their place in the world that is against their very existance. The unlikely group comes together in part one: "Merging Worlds." I must admit, I do enjoy drawing Rirhe when he is freaking out/spazzing.  This is page 19, want to see more?  Check out the site! Kashian, Shabenay, Frineir, Keine, Shinkir, and Rirhe are the intellectual property of CERT Shifting Times © CERT 

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Shifting Times Prequel: Part One

The prequel to Shifting Times basically explains who Shinkir is and how she got to where we find her in the first pages. Shinkir is somewhat naieve in some things, which will be revealed once she makes her way into the story. It also introduces Kri and, really, is more Kri's story than Shinkir's. Kri was not a part of Shifting Times initially, however she worked herself into a vital part of the plot and is the reason behind much of the happenings in Part One of Shifting Times. She has a rather fun (for me to write, not her to experience) story and once I manage to get far enough in Shifting Times I'll be able to reveal more about her. There are ten parts total and eight currently finished. Notes on pronounciation: 'I' at the end of a word or syllable is a long 'EE' sound. 'EI' is a long 'I' sound (eye). 'IE' is a long 'EE' sound. Y is pronounced 'yih/yuh' unless it is at the end of a word or consonant. Singularly it is a long 'I' sound, and with 'a' before it it claims a long 'A' (aa or AA) sound. Any other questions on pronounciation just ask. Kri=krEE Frineir=Fri-nEYEr Shabenay=SHAW-ben-aa Symihr= Syihm-IHR Any comments, suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated. This is a freshly updated version from any I've posted elsewhere previously. Nothing major has changed, but some of the wording is different.

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