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Cori R. Trout

Teinek Donseh was on a mission. Her daughter had run off with a no-name wandering scribe three months ago with only a note, followed by an apologetic letter a month later. She growled under her breath as she strode down the street, scanning the buildings, looking for the apartment. It had taken a bit of work to get the messenger to agree to hand over the information concerning her daughter’s whereabouts. Messengers generally didn’t divulge such information unless requested by the sender, but at the right price some would give it if he or she knew. Teinek came to the building and re-checked the address. She walked in and traveled up the first flight of stairs and then down the hallway to the last door. She paused for a moment, once again working out what she was going to say as she had been doing the whole trip to Kreih, which was more than a month’s travel from her home on Roomir. Lifting her hand-like paw she rapped on the door. There were voices inside and one moved towards the door. It opened and Teinek’s jaw dropped in shock. “Rirhe!” She breathed. “Mrs. Donseh!” Gasped the young Frineir behind the door. It slammed quickly and Teinek was left momentarily dazed. She shook herself and pounded on the door. “Keit! Open up! You have a lot of explaining to do, pup!” Inside Rirhe was pressed against the door, ears back and eyes wide in shocked panic. “Ry,” Keit began, looking up from her work, “what—“ then she heard the muffled voice behind the door. “Your mother!” Rirhe hissed through his teeth, frozen in a rigid stance, blocking the door. “I’ve got to hide!” --- Excerpt from one of the many stories-in-progress that I have. Actually, this scene may end up in my graphic novel, Shifting Times, when I finally get that far. Being as I've only finished page nine I have a very, very long way to go. Although Rirhe has calmed quite a bit since his initial 'shift, he is not easy-going by nature. Having his mother-in-law show up on his doorstep when she, along with the rest of his old hometown, is supposed to believe him dead, does not settle well on his easily-frazzled nerves. Rirhe's Mark (Marks by now) are not visible here as he's reached the point that he can, in effect "hide" them; the Mark appears on the skin, but not on the overlaying fur or feather (as the case may be). Hurra for random inforamtion! Painter 8, x-soft pastels and cover pencil. Originaly sketched with good old fashioned pencil and paper. Rirhe, Keit and Teinek Donseh, Frineir, the Keine sub-type, the Shabenay, and Kashian are intellectual property of CERT.

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