ummm...what can I say? I'm seventeen, and I live in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, in case you're uncertain, is probably the least interesting place on earth.  I'm going to Ireland when I can...Until then at least I have my books and other interests to keep me happy. ^I wrote all that two years ago, just updated the age. Current changes; Still hoping to go to Ireland, whatever it takes. I'm working on become fluent in German, and just started learning Spanish this year- all preparation for Gaelic later on. I've recently considered joining the military, mainly to protect that certain person mentioned in that whole personal secret thing. Fitness will be an issue (I have the all the physical fitness of your average sheep) but at least I did okay on the ASVAB.  My current life-goal, aside from protecting He-who-is-not-mine, is to learn as many languages as I possibly can. I'd like at least one form of Chinese (probably Mandarin), one form of Japanese, and one form of Arabic, in addition to finishing Spanish and German, and learning Gaelic. Latin is also on the list, just for kicks, and I'd love to have to opportunity to learn at least one native american dialect. Any others are just bonus:D (I may be broke, but anyone with spare time and patience, and a knowledge of a language, listed here or not, will earn free hugs for life^_^) I like reading, writing, fantasy, music, animals, poetry, language Favourite books Ender's game...I love many other books as well but this is my favorite


Needs a lot of work, obviously, but it's the beginning of a set of myths in a world I'm working on. Don't know what I'm gonna do with the world once I'm finished....but I want to work them into a larger story. Eventually. In the meantime, I'm just having fun messing around with making up legends:DPlease critique!

The Sprites

Not really a description for this, it's pretty much self-explanatory.

The Angel's True Love (my last angel)

Long - at least for me- but I worked hard on this, and I think it's finally finished. Finally!!It says "my last angel" for a reason, by the way. That's it. The last one - I've got at least half a dozen to a dozen poems all with different views of those particular celestial beings, and this has simply got to be the last one. I'm obsessed 0.0I hope.

The Banshee

Just a short (ish) poem I wrote a while back...hope ya'all enjoy.

Why the Willows Weep

When I first wrote "I'll race you to the sky" It had the phrase "Where the earth befriends the sky" in it. That phrase was left out of later versions, but I still loved how it sounded.So here it is....enjoy.

"I'll race you to the sky"

Erg, I'm not even sure how many times I've tried to upload this, and for some reason it doesn't want to cooperate ....I don't know why...If it does work this time, inspiration came from a lovely story called "Into the Dawn" by Amanda Jean Timmerman, here in the wood, and the contest prompt "I'll race you to the sky".

The Affairs of Dragons

a short, humorous poem...that gives some rather good advice, if I dare say. :P

The Fly

It's about a fly who, after his bravado nearly gets him into serious trouble, learns that sometimes you have to run away if you wish to live to see tomorrow...

Faerie Child(revision)

I started this * scratches head* wow, It must have been at least a year ago, I think...Anyway, I started it a while back, and only finished it recently. Now, I've even revised it, making it as good as I can with the time - and patience- available to me. It's about  someone (it doesn't mention a gender, and I'm not making one up just for this description) who, while relaxing in a familiar place runs across something less familiar-a faerie. When I wrote this I was pretty much thinking of "The Fair Folk' type thing, so if it seems a bit off to your idea of what a faerie should be...well, that's why. Please comment, I'd like to know whether I should continue to bother posting things here or not!! (and if no one wants to read the stuff, then why post it?!)

Tell Me A Story

Yet another poem...:P This one's cute, though; it's about a little girl, begging her babysitter to tell her a story.

The Dawning of Spring

It's just a poem I was writing while trying out something new...It's about -you won't believe it!- the dawing of spring. Yeah, totally unpredictable from the title, right? anyway...hope you like it^_^