Helena Costa

I'm currently studying Architecture, but my dream is to become a cartoonist one day in the future. My passion on comics started with the «Uncanny X-Men», where I found the man that taught me that there's actually someone behind comic books - one of my favourite artist, Andy Kubert. Nowadays I cover a little bit of everything, from western comics to manga. Some of my favourite artists are Alexander Malleev, Enki Bilal and Nobuhiro Watsuki. My style? Well, if I've got one, I like to call it «jabardice». Very large strokes, no definition at all (I tend to constantly put my hands on the canvas...). Maybe you could call it realistic expressionism... My drawing teacher used to tell me I'm too sentimental when I paint (like I'm constantly on rage, anger or simple madness when I have a brush in my hands). He said I have no profile for architecture... In my faculty they defend architects should be cold hearted... Poor boys!