Courtney ' Wilson

I have an eye condition called ROP retinopathy of prematurity ( I was born 3 months too early.) My birthday was July 22 1985:) For those on #Lothlorein I am WindSeeker. I have Photoshop CS3 as well as a 6x9 Intuos3 Wacom tablet. I do art trades and gifts pictures for some special people. I do offer commissions! Please email me for more information!! *** (4/12/08) I am proud to announce that this gallery is 7 years old as of Jan 21st of '08!I will be igraduating with my Bachelors in Crminology with a minor in Psychology this December from Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri.  In other news, as of July 19th, 2004, I am the pround owner/handler of Kazzi, a female black labrador who is my Seeing Eye Dog which I got from The Seeing Eye She's the cute doggy in the photo there. As a note, most people with guide and other types of assistance dogs do not like their dogs to be petted when they are working. Usually a dog is working any time it is in a public place, and I think petting a dog without permission is extremely rude... Okay, I'll get off my soapbox. :) Some other artists you should visit: Krista A. Leemhuis - Great Gargoyles, Dragons, and other creatures.(mostly photoshop) Melissa Steben - Some GREAT art here. Cats, and some other creative critters.(colored pencils) Kimberley 'Felio Ital/Kimbo' Petrie - Top quality art consisting of Dragons, Gryphons, and beasties I wouldn't want to run into. (ink, colored pencils, gouche, and digital media) Janice 'Mistral' Kelly Dragons and other beasties (colored pencil) Melissa Beth Sumby 'Likeshine' A great gryph artist who does better work than she thinks (digital and conventional media ) Shaina (Jakkal) Pinkleton The Drakkolupen lady. Weres, Dragons, Werefoxs that bite (not to mention talk back)... If you like the Black Tapestries comic this is where you go. Mostly digital media, colored and graphite pencils. Lauren 'Azurelis' Adams Werewoofs! I love this girl's unique style. (primarily ink and colored pencils.) Rachel 'NightTracker' Postlewaite My dear friend and pack sister, has a nice collection of winged wolves, werewolves, dragons, and some other fun stuff. She's got a new style all her own. (colored pencil and graphite media) Lauren 'Arion' Snyder Awesome Werewolf, Dragon, and others asorted critter art. She has been adired by e for years :) (colored pencils, graphite, ink, and digital media) Nikki 'Aisling' Robinson DRAGONS! This girl has some great stuff! 34 winged dragons illusion draggies, and lotsa others. (colored pencil, digitial media) Jennifer Miller 'Nambroth' My favorite artist of the Woods. Lotsa Gryphons, and other beasties.. (pencil,and digital media) Mia 'The Valkyrie' Bengtsson Wooow, Unicorns and fun stuff like that!!! (traditional and digital media) (I'll probably add some more later.) . James Rovenstine My Stepbrother's gallery! I love doing art trades and commissions to email me :) I like Criminology, Psychology, Art, Animals, Fantasy critters, role playing, photoshop, the "In Death" series by J.D. Robb, Anthony Hopkins. politics Favourite movies Reign of Fire, Chronicles of Narnia, Dragonheart, Charmed, 4400, Pirates of the Carribean (all of them), 10,000bc Favourite books The "In Death series by J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) Firebringer by David Clemet-Davies, Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville, and many others Favourite music Loreena Mckennit, Enya, soundtracks/scores for movies; Trevor Rabin, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Anything contemporary but rap.