Amanda Martin

I am an artist that specializes in mainly fantasy art.  I also write erotica, and poetry too.  Dragons are my favorite creatures lately, and I am presently expanding my skills into sculpture.  Melody Pena is my inspiration.  I am thrilled to be a member in the same group as her.  My friend Amanda Collins I discovered is here too...that is great because she has been giving lots of good advice.I do a lot of Woodburnings, and also paint.  I have a membership at Deviant Art as well.  I am trying to get myself out there.  you can check me out there, or at my own website:  I am honored to be accepted here! Also: If anyone is interested...I love you all! I like I am interested in anything creative. Life is too short to deny oneself all that is wonderful. Favourite movies Wowsers! That is a whole lot!, but I will name a few: Labrynth, The Neverending Story, Dark Drystal, What Dreams May Come, Narnia...anything fanciful. Favourite books Again, too many to count...The Ghattis Tale by Gayle Greeno, Tailchasers Song by Tad Williams, Anne Rice,....many more! Favourite music I am mainly a rocker chick, but I like just about everything except Rap, Hip Hop, Polka, Deep Country. My all-time favorite artist Is Tori Amos, But I also love Sarah McLaghlan, Evenescence, U2, Def Leppard, RUSH, and the like.