Monday :: 06.28.04 Update time. I'm seventeen, and I'm much happier now that summer has arrived and I'm free from that hellish pit of despair and fury, called school. I've been drawing a lot lately, mostly thanks to the fact that I'd lost my tablet stylus and found it again several weeks later. Thank the gods, I love that thing. For a while, I'd been forced to revert to pencil and paper. -shudders- o_O; Anyway. You'll most likely find that I'm very eclectic in my choice of style. Those are called phases. Most of which I've grown out of. My favorite image so far is my 'Malikkan Sphynx'. Go see her, then. If you have nothing better to do, drop by my Blog and say hello. It's a very pretty blog, I must say. nn Salut.