Her Dance of Doom

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

Silvia Gonzalez

This pic started out of nothing, mere inspiration while watching Royo´s books. Then the woman in the picture reminded me of Mae, the woman my character Ren loved. Their story is so tragic that I use to remember about it from time to time. It was a long, good D& D story. This is a meaningful piece of that story. Ren enters the Temple of fire alone, only by himself, using his magic to hide and find Mae. But he knows Mae is no longer the woman she used to be. She is servant of the evil god Thariz-Dum. - 'why did you leave?' - 'There was no choice, Mae.' 'No! you don´t understand, Ren. I´m asking why. Why did you leave without a word, a letter, a simple reason. Why did you leave me completely alone. Why you had to leave after telling me the only thing you wanted was to stay with me. Was all that a lie, Ren? did I wait all that time for a lie??!' The piercing cold blue eyes of Ren stopped looking at her, like if they had lost a fight. They searched under the courtains, like if the correct words to say could be there. But when he looked again at her face, the shadows surounded his soul. A tear on her beautiful pale cheek. A tear for the past, for what could have been. There was the answer. - 'No. I left because I wanted to be with you -Mae´s eyes reflected confusion and sadness- I wanted to love you, but I was afraid to harm you... Mae, day by day, I awakened far from home, lying on the ground, with not a clue of what happened during the night. Day by day I woke up fearing I had harmed someone...' - 'What are you talking about?' - 'I´m talking about this'. Ren wore off his shirt, showing his naked chest. There, defying and fearful, was a big black spiral. - 'This is the symbol of Shar, you know about the evil goddess. I´m just one of their children, their puppets; I was born to be hers. Each day, this mark is bigger, and stronger in my mind. At night, she gets the control. Years ago I left my family like I left you, it was the only way to know they were safe, at least from me. But I had to find you, the only person I´d give my life for... and I regret it deeply, because I know we can´t be togheter. Before we can, I must erase Shar´s mark.' - 'You think you can erase the mark of a goddess?' - 'For you, I can'. - ... Mae stepped aside and turned her gaze. Her familiar, an evil, twisted quasit appeared, jumping over her shoulder and whispering things to her ear, while playing with her curly red hair. Mae looked at Ren again, this time with a defying look. - 'I´m no longer who you think I am, Ren'. -Said this, she turned into a half-elemental form, made only of fire and ashes- They helped me to improve, I´m now more powerful than you could ever imaginate. But there is a prize, of course'. - 'I know. That´s why you´re now the toy of Thariz-Dum, is that so?' - 'Exactly'. The quasit jumped again, just behind Ren, with a knife on its right hand. The sorcerer wished to kill the damn little demon, but it still was Mae´s familiar. Looking again into Mae´s fire eyes, he said: - 'I didn´t came here to stop Thariz-Dum. I didn´t came here to destroy his temples, or kill his clerics either. I came here to find you. Tell me Mae, now that you know; what are you going to do?' Without a word, the half demonic-elemental form Mae had turned into began to gesticulate, making the movements Ren knew so well. Her lips singing in the ancient languaje of spellcasters. It was no spell Ren could recognize; his instinct told him to counterspell it, but he didn´t. He just looked warmly at her, and awaited the end. From Mae´s demonic black hand a ray of dark-purple light ran to find Ren. He did not move. And then, the spell went right by his side, leaving only a black spot on the room´s wall, right where the quasit was, and the sound of a falling knife was heard. Mae turned into human form, just about to cry. - 'Why... why didn´t you move? I could have killed you!'. Ren smiled and whispered: Because I love you, and if you wanted me dead, then I have no reason to live'.

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