Colton Hamshire

I hope to contribute to elfwood as well as read and enjoy the seemingly endless amount of stories that it has to offer. I'm not much of an artist and by that I mean I can't even draw a crooked line. All right maybe I went a little far with that one but it's kind of true. I have a way with words just not with a paintbrush (or in this day and age a digital pen). I do, however, have a close friend who is an outstanding artist and fellow writer. While in high school one of his drawings sold for 20,000 dollars. Truly remarkable.I want to thank everyone who reads my stories that I post here. Every comment means so much to me. Every word of advice, praise, and critiscim raises my standards as a writer.Also I want everyone to know that the short stories that I am posting here are are seperate pieces of work that I used as practice to hone my writing. I haven't looked over these stories which means what you are reading is exactly how it was written. After I publish these 12 stories I will continue off of one of them. Meaning that I will make a more in-debth story following one of the short stories. Please take the time to read some of them or all of them and give me your honest opinon. Thank you all. I like I love reading and writing fantasy, but one of my favorite books of all time is titled Mafia Summer by E. Duke Vincent. A truly remarkable book. Favourite movies Honestly not big on TV but if I had to choose a show I'd say Battlestar Galacita for sure just for the intrigue it offers. The Soprano's as well. Both great TV shows. Favourite books There are too many in this catogory to list. Favourite music I love the sound of an electric guitar when it is played with pure passion. I have seen bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Dio, Megadeth, George Throgood, and Slayer live for example

The Passing

 A disgraced knight is forced to survive among brigands.

A Gentlemen's Game

A man gambles in a card game with an elf.

Second Dawning

A second chance is given.

Last Goodbye

An old gravedigger lays his dearest friend to rest.

Tragedy's Lesson

Death in a small town leads a young soldier to challenge his mentor.

Barroom Brawl

A barfight ensues after a half-elf endures some racial issues.

Lost in a Bottle

A man searches for his drunken brother in an unfamiliar town.

The Cause of All Fear

A man who tried to escape his past is confronted with the reality that he cannot run forever.

Trail of Hope

A hunter searches desperatly for food for his ill family, but he soon discovers that his only hope rests in the hands on a relentless ogre.

Final Flight

A soldier defends his city against a wyvern.