Christos Gousopoulos

Greetings people.I am just another student(tourism administrations) who has a lot of free time to spare.Thats why I claim to have read many many sword and sorcery books.This happens to be my favourite hobby and my main inspiration when I decide to use my humble painting skills.My favourite author is George Martin.His Song of Ice and Fire series is in my opinion the best in this genre by far.Other favourite authors include Stephen Donaldson(The Gap series),Steven Erikson(Malazan empire),Michael Moorcock(Eternal Champions),Frank Herbert(Dune series),Robert Howard(Conan) and JRR Tolkien(I especially like artists that are inspired by Middle Earth like John Howe).Other favourite hobbies that inspire me when I draw are the RPG's(FAding Suns,Ars MAgica etc) and the movies.Favourite movies are Lord of The rings,Dracula,American Beauty,Fight Club,Star Wars etc.Finally I like Heavy metal and especially bands like Manowar,Solitude Aeturnus etc.Thats me(in the corner).A devious rogue with not much of a talent for painting but much will to draw.Hope u enjoy! P.S:dont worry about me.I also spent a lot of time going out with friends etc:) UPDATE no.1:Goblin's charge,assasin,lonewolf and the Nightwatch(Martin RUles)!UPDATE no2(MAJOR UPDATE:):Fianna or Celtic warrior:)