Tuomo Suorsa

I'm finnish furry/fantasy/fairytale -artist. At the moment I work as a  freelance photographer but I also try getsome earning as a artist/illustrator. I also do paper mache sculptures and frames for artworks. Uhm.. What inspires me? Fatboy Slim is best but of course I listen also other kind music that inspires me: Music, especially modernised folk-style music: Pohjannaula, Finntroll,  almost everything which have violins, sackpipes, kanteles, accordions....  I like also electronic music (Egosentrifug, Taika-Kim, Yello, Covenant..), movie and game music ( Danny Elfman, Jesper Kyd..) Two greatest source of inspiration are nature and imagination. I don't need say much about nature. Just go out and see how beatiful world we live in! We live in that fantasy and scifi world what we all here dream about. You just have to see it! And then is imagination.. Let's say that most of people needs something to inspire their imagination, but someones have achieves that point when your imagination inspires more your imagination. And when I said it inspires, it really inspires! That amount of ideas in your head can be overhelming. ..but problem is that do you have enough skills to draw even few of those ideas.