Rachel Ha-ha' Delacroix

Howdy, stranger! :) I suppose that, if you are reading this, you want to know something about me. If not... well... why bother, hmm? I inhabit a place where rain beats down from the sky in solid rods, the wind whips round the rooftops, moaning like a lost soul, and the sky is forever steel grey with clouds (England). I have just started collage, after actually passing my GCSE exams ((*yay*)), where I am studying Psychology, English Language, Art & Design, Photography, General Studies, and Advanced Sleeping. I draw fan art mainly for Harry Potter (I freely admit-- I need a life), but I'm working on some Discworld, and have a few ideas for the 'Pure Dead' series, too. Even though no one else seems to like that ((*sob*))! So... enjoy looking around my gallery... and have a *nice* day... ~Rachel~