Dawn Wood

Name: Dawn Star Wood (also known as: Star, Snow, Crowfeather, Hoshi-san, Chaos.. ect.)Age: 28Location: Elk Grove, CA, USA Salutations to all. I apologize for the lack of posting here (having recently realized that what is posted here is from back in 2003-2005). I'm currently slowly deleting much of my old work and starting to post new work. For those who want to follow what I do, please visit the links below.  Where you can find my updated work:http://dawnstarw.deviantart.com/ - My MAIN gallery I post my art up. For updated work and finding out about the gallery I'm with, please visit.http://day-in-a-life.deviantart.com/ - One of my secondary accounts. This one has my ongoing comic DLD along with character designs.http://miranda-blade.deviantart.com/ - Originally made for my mom, I currently post my photography here.http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/list.pl?gallery=9233 - amazingly enough I have been able to update my Epilogue gallery O_o never knew that one was possible.NOTE: As of April 11, 2006 The news that I speak of this day is sorrowfully true. Yesterday I had recieved a notice from someone that an Allex had recently passed away and in a desperate search I ended up calling the only phone number that I could. Well the identities that I knew for 3 years as "Mathias" and "Deis" under the login name of was in actuality a young woman by the name of Allexandra. Last night I ended up spending an hour on the phone with her grandmother finding out about this wonderfully positive and creative being, understanding how much of an impact that I made in her life. I completely understand why she hid her actual identity under the name of "Mathias" so I feel no anger towards the deception in that... for me she was (and still is) a part of my life and forever will be a best friend and part of my family. The hardest part for me right now is the fact that as I spoke with her grandmother Elizabeth, I found out how much I ment to her. Everything that ever happened to her, good or bad, she would always want to get online to talk to me. Elizabeth told me that during her time in the hospital, even to the end, she would desperately want to be online to let me know what was going on. Her joys.. her sadness... her anger.. her depression.. Though she may have been under the identity of "Mathias" and hid that aspect of the truth from me, everything else was the truth. Elizabeth ended up describing me as either a guardian angel or best friend because all Allex would talk about it "Crow". I spent from 3 to nearly 11 last night just crying my eyes out when I recieved that notice in my message box, begging to God that it wasn't the same person, but when I recieved that phone call from Elizabeth my heart broke completely. I have lost another wonderful friend and finding out how much of a positive impact I made in Allex's life makes me feel both honored yet heart broken at the same time. To Allexandra a.k.a. "Mathias" I forgive you Allex. I understand the reasoning behind hiding yourself from the world. I will miss our conversations.. our shared laughs.. tears.. it was thanks to you that Jerry and I are together. You will still be a part of my life, and to everyone else that you touched. I will forever miss you my friend.. Here are a couple of sites of artists that I enjoy: Arwen Art Shadowscapes NeonDragon.com Black Cat Ink Plus Goldenwolfen I like For those interested in viewing UPDATED and CURRENT pieces, please visit my deviantART account at http://dawnstarw.deviantart.com . Thanks.