Aria And The Shark

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Jose CruzpaganIII

Aria Collen once a helpless mother became an elite cybernetic warrior (Panzer) by an unkown organization ruled over by the demonic Lich Anubus. With the Help of the former King Leoric she learned how to control her new body and now fights to save her stolen daughter. The agents of Anubus are powerful though, and are renown for their deadly combat Panzer bodies. There are two sorts of Cyborgs in my story… organic (cybers), and armored (Panzers). Cybers look almost completely like normal humans; their cybernetic components are ment to replicate human bodily functions more efficiently. People who are completely organic cybers have several times the strength and speed of normal humans but still have the same basic inherent weaknesses. Panzers are very different, they are much larger in size and vary widely in shape when compared to those of cybers. Their bodily components are made from powerful armored alloys that give them many times the strength and speed of a normal man; primarily used for combat the only thing organic about Panzers are the remnants of their human brains. They commonly have very outlandish body chasis often representing knights or deadly animals. Aria is unique in that she has a cyber body but bears the heavier alloys of the panzers giving her many times the strength of a normal cyber but many times the speed of a normal PanzerHere Aria narowly escapes loosing her head to the violent attacks of a deadly blade whip, just one of the countless weapons that the lethal Karterous Renz is proficient in. Once a powerful and wise General, Karterous chose to become a Panzer rather than facing death on the battlefield and is now fully enslaved to the will of the Demon Lich Anubus. Karterous chose a form that would allow him to literally rend his opponants limb from limb even if he where totally unarmed. He now sees his entire world through the blood red optic lenses which are his only windows to what is left of a twisted reality. I really enjoyed recreating the character of Karterous Renz esspecially since he actually used to be the lead villain in my story way back when, even now it seems like ages ago. Back then he used to be known as Crustacious Finns. A humanoid hammerhead shark hell bent on ruling the world, and he was far more ruthless than the Lich Lord Baulter ever was. I thought it would be fun to bring him back this time as a top ranking Panzer serving the Lich Anubus, in the third arc of my story which takes place in the far future.

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