Seraphie Garlind: Tragic Cleric

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Jose CruzpaganIII

“As I quietly tended to the wounded man lying before me I imagined what challenges tomorrow might bring. Since Mother died I hadn’t really embraced the idea that I could ever smile again, happiness had became an almost alien concept to me following years that great tragedy. Yet through the time I’ve spent at this orphanage this past year, it feels more and more as though I’ve never been that far apart from happiness; the pains of yesteryears seem to just melt way.” “When I first found him he had three cracked ribs, and had lost a lot of blood. Even now it seems as though he’s being tormented by some horrible nightmare, could this be evidence of phantom scaring? In his sleep he continuously seems to be questioning himself, asking for his name and place… I don’t think he remembers who he is or where he came from. Am I really equipped to help him?” “The only item of significance he had with him was an amazing sword; Light as feathers and brilliant as glass. I found a small inscription with the name, Ciel Lancer, etched upon the blade with the most brilliant of characters, could that be his name? When I whispered the name to him in his sleep it seemed to calm his torment… though maybe it was more the sound of my voice that eased his mind.” “His entire body is covered with the deep gouges of some terrible animal. Those wounds terrified me. There are many creatures in the world capable of such injuries but only one in particular with an intent capable of inflicting such precise blows, a creature that I’m all to familiar with… a Torlion.”  “It was the Torlions that had brought my life crashing down over head so long ago. Sigh… I haven’t been home in so many years; heavy tears flow from my eyes… longing for those happier days. How much longer will it be before I can return to the remnants of my family? How much further will their hearts be consumed with darkness?”  “Either way I’ve found a new home for my self amongst the Clerics here in this barren outpost… I’m happy now… for the first time in ages it would seem. The orphans we care for here are so happy and pure and they love me sooo much, that I often find my self crying tears of joy. I wish I could share these experiences with my family… I wish to see their faces again… but I can’t go back… not yet.”  “I suppose for now I have much more pressing responsibilities, like ensuring the survival of this man, and the fact that he saw my crimson wings. I’d taken such care to hide them all this time. If only I had fought the urge to stretch my wings out in that warm spring sun. He was so wounded though, and passed out shortly after seeing me. Surely he would think it nothing more than a dream right? Boy am I in a fix. I wish I didn’t have to hide my wings… but who could possibly understand the circumstances that went into saving my life so long ago… the first gift that my adoring mother ever gave me when I was to week to even lift my eyes?” “But wait! How did he manage to travel so far through the wilderness by himself anyway? Only Paladin’s and Clerics have been renowned for their abilities to combat the phantoms. I really don’t know anything about this man yet as I study his features I feel as if I’ve known him for a long time. His hair is so pale and silver that it looks almost like starlight; his face is strong yet gentle, still recovering from the lashes dealt to him by the wilderness. I’m sure he’s not a Lich or a Necromancer… just where did he come from?   “Since I found him I swore to myself that I would care for him until he regains his constitution… and eventually his memories. His nightmares though… they must be so much more terrible than my own. What has he been through? What terrors must he still endure? I want to help him even if it risks my own well being. I… I want be a part of this mans life… I wonder… is this is what love is supposed to feel like? With a Sigh I etch the names Seraphie Garlind and Ciel Lancer upon my heart”     Part 1 0f 3 of the “Maiden Series” See also Lyja Tsukihime and Aria Colleen.   See the inked version?   See the new concept version?

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