Sylvan Lovers

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C.S.L. McKeand

Beneath the clandestine boughs of the Forest of Tethir, Dargeth and Silmira share in their forbidden love. This is an actual scene (*cough* we DID 'fade to black' however) that happened during roleplay on a MUD with my friend Matt Helms. Dargeth is his character, I just gave the ol' ranger a face... well, maybe not a face. Although I can picture Dargeth clearly in my mind's eye, he seems to elude capture on paper. Maybe I subconciously avoid a true portrait of him to help convey his quiet mystery and abilities to be as one with the forest. Their love affair was complicated. Dargeth was married to a Silvanite druid while Silmira was an elven Bladesinger. Dargeth's wife had pretty much disappeared. He hadn't seen her in years (game time). Silmira didn't understand the human concept of marriage. To her, marriage was a form of political alliance (anyone who's ever read 'Evermeet: Island of Elves' by Elaine Cunningham would understand). At first, it was merely a novelty for her (the beard... it was the beard). But love is an insidious foe and before she knew it, it was firmly entrenched in her heart. On that MUD (it closed last spring) Dargeth was killed in battle against the forces of Malar. Silmira mourned him and swore a blood oath to extract revenge for his murder. Sadly, she died fighting drow. Matt and I now play a new MUD (Forgotten Kingdoms MUD) and although he has recreated Dargeth (younger than on the old game we played and with a slightly different history) I haven't recreated Silmira. Why? I really can't put my finger on it. I think because in my mind I put the character to rest. She didn't die, though. Instead, she ended the affair and returned to Evermeet. In their own ways, they both mourn their lost love and remember those fleeting moments of passion. Pencil on tracing paper then retouched in Photoshop 5. Yes, I know her hand is a mess. It was sudden inspiration that struck and I needed to get the image on paper before it fled. Original size: 9'x12'

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