Two-edged sword

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Catrine Sandal

Again, copy-paste because I'm so lazy: «Whose sword is that?» the soldier asked of the old priest as he put down his shield. He was no real priest, but because of his vast knowledge of the world and of the gods he went by that title anyway. It was a title uttered with respect, as all the soldiers living in the border fortress were sure he had more powers than what he let them see. The old man looked where he pointed, and nodded slightly when he saw it. «That one is the sword of the old prophecy. It belongs to nobody at the present time.» Carefully he lifted the dark sword off its place on the wall. «Priest, you know thousands of old prophecies, it tells me nothing.» «Only very few of them are true. This one is. The sword is made by the gods, guarded by my family for thousands of years. We are meant to give it to the one who will lead our worlds to war. The champion of the world, if you will.» «War? But there is no war at the moment.» «Not here, no, but there will be. And it is of the utmost importance that we win it.» «And the owner – future owner – of this sword is the one going to battle.» «He or she will lead the forces, yes. I do not know all of the prophecy, but two persons only have the right kind of powers. Enemies, they are, and they will have to fight eachother first. To find who the true leader will be. It is crucial that the forces are united, but we do not yet know who is best fit for the task. Both of them will have a different way of going to war.» «So it's regardless who wins?» «Not entirely, but I guess you can say that for the final battle, yes. However, the outcome for our world will be vastly different.» «It looks simple for a sword for the saviour of the world. I mean, it's a curious metal and all that, but look at the marks, it has clearly been used in battle before. It won't hold much longer.» «Ah yes. When there are enemies afoot, you take the closest weapon you can find. Do not look so shocked, it is only a sword as any other before the winner claims it. Besides, the power of its metal is the least of its powers.» The soldier shook his head, smiling. «I can only pretend to understand all of what you are saying.» Then suddenly he frowned. «You said your family was guarding it... Who will guard it after you? You have no heir.» «It won't be needed.» «You mean that... they are already here?» «Oh yes, they have been in the world for a while.»I worked really hard on this one, re-did it several times and all. It still looks a bit flat, but I can't make myself work even more...

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