Christi Hayden

My name is Christi Smith Hayden but most people call me Spike. It has nothing to with dinosaurs or TV vampires; Spike was a character from one of my first 'Gargoyles' fanfics that I created and killed off in the same story and somehow the name just stuck to me -- I don't know why! I really don't remember not telling stories or doodling, in fact, I have a picture of me at age 2 drawing a portrait on a chalkboard. In college, I divided my time between the Creative Writing program and the art school, eventually earning a degree in Advertising Design. Building ads is pretty darned boring so in my free time, I kept drawing and painting. When I became an at-home mom, I discovered all the opportunities there are for creative people on the Internet. I started off in the 'Gargoyles' fandom but I've branched out into other areas, illustrating stories for Wulf the Freelance, Magelore, Dungeons & Dragons, and others. Ultimately, I'd like to become a published author/illustrator. In addition to more adult stories, I'm currently working on a children's book about a lost opossum. Until then, please do enjoy my pictures!