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Norielle Cunanan

Mwahahaha!  Yes!  I have done it!! ^_^  You people have no idea what I'm talking about, but that's okay.  Few people know what I'm talking about! Anyways, this is a drawing I did for a certain fella who is MIA at all the wrong times!  His weird and demented mind hath spawned Twinkle!  A genetically enhanced lady!  And I don't care if someone is going to drop a piano on me, but TWINKLE IS THE BEST CHEESE HAT-WEARING MUTANT TO EVER SCAR MY MIND! ^_^ Time Warping Ionic Nuclear Killing Laser ELEVATOR! er...I mean...Electrokinetic! >.>;  Woo! ^_^

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Category Anime/Manga

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Ghost Story (Oooo..Ahhh)

This is my introduction/abstract to this story and not the story itself. Of course, you all know that. (I didn't) *Ahem* Anyways...>.>; So I was thinking about Elfwood, which I do a lot, (Mostly when the words 'Elf' and 'Wood' are mentioned in the same sentence) and I thought 'HEY WTC? WHY DON'T I HAVE A GHOST STORY IN HERE?' You: Um...yeah you do...*cough* PsyHauntKo*cough*Lovely Annette*wheeze choke gargle fizz fizz* Me: *gives a cough drop* You: Thank you Me: No prob ^_^ You: n_n ^_^ ^^ =D >=D (insert other smileys or words here) Anyways, those don't count as ghost stories because one of them is about killer dolls and the other is making fun of all things horror! So I wrote a ghost story! *fake applause* Now, while I was thinking about writing this (which I did a lot, mostly when I was bored...which was a lot) I realized that I also did not have any story that rhymed!!! You: Why would you want a story that rhymed? Me: Why not? You: That would make it a poem... Me: But it isn't a poem, it's a story! You: Stories don't rhyme... Me: If you don't silence yourself and let me finish this description which is now probably longer than the story itself, I swear I will beat you to death with a fish and all that is number five. You: o_o... Me: ^_^ So to sum this all up...I wrote a story, not a poem. It rhymes. And it's a ghost story. There is mushy and there is non-mushy stuff and I can assure you that I did not write a mushy story about a girl who was lovesick about some dude and then got over it after a ghost told her something wise and thoughtful. Yeeeah.. Yes, I like pianos.


Once upon a time, an assasin decided to quit his job at 20! But before doing so, he had to finish one job. It didn't have anything to do with killing anyone, but it had something to do with trying to teach a sadistic psycho that killing is bad. How will things turn out for him? We (and I) really don't know! I also have no idea if I should continue it! It just bugged me in the middle of the nights to the point I threw it on paper! I found the alphabet funny... ^_^;


Couldn't think of a better name...Don't hurt me! *runs* Um...speaking of not hurting me, this story is really how I express my undying love for my friends, of which none were harmed in the making of it *cough* It's really the thought that counts so none of them can sue me! ^_^; Anyways, this story that has a weird name simply shows that psychos are more likely to survive in a horror movie than sane people are! I do not know why I wrote this story nor why I would plot to scar most of the readers. Lets just say it's because I love you all! I am the only one allowed to flame my own work, which I have done for the past five minutes of this story description. Constructive critisim is welcome with open arms. Anything that would make me cry and I will show you another way I express my undying love! And it involves an axe, a bucket of eggwhites, and a girly man! Please excuse any typos that will make you more lost than you already are in this story and the constant switching of point of views! =D

Lovely Annette

This story was inspired by a book I read a while back called Cat in Glass. It um...scared me ^_^; Dolls also scare me... This story has nothing to do with PsyhauntKo although it involves a kleptomaniac with schizophrenia... I usually don't write like this O.o Creepy!

PsyHauntKo 5

Ah, yes! Chapter 5! How many descriptions I've written for it, I've lost count! And like the rest of PsyHauntKo, I did not bother spellchecking or even thinking! So Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, and Please Excuse My Dumb Awful Spelling, and Please Execute M...Mblahblah Dang A...Ablahblah Simon! Yeah, just stick with PEMDAS. Anyways...I am not responsible for any person's brains that happen to deteriorate within five seconds of reading the first word. I am, however, responsible for your physical well-being! So, if you happen to be hit by anything or anyone or parts of anyone from this story, I implore you to please, PLEASE not file a lawsuit.

Mushroom Men (was rated according to how many eyes bled when it was read)

Just as the long title said, this is not a scary story! Nor does it really belong in the horror genre! Unless you have a weird phobia of the following: Mushrooms, men, Disco, afros, hippies, pink, green, berry pink, drowning, leaking, random beatings, tea, cookies, puddles, flowery gardens, all things that are pretty, odd names, gender-confused beings, ending confused and/or impaired writers, microsoft word documents, Aaand microsoft word documents that were put in HTML format by the power of the 'save as' function! If you have no fears of any of the above and just simply hate this story, then you: Hate pudding, hate Bowling for Soup, hate me, hate everyone, or are ACTUALLY NORMAL! Congratulations! Aaanyways, getting to the point, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MIAU MIAU MIAU! XD I hope you like this story or hate it with an extreme passion! ^_^

I am Evil!!....Really...

Just as the title says, she insists she's evil. Just another one of those crazy stories that defy the laws of physics and science. I didn't intend to badger anyone in this story... If you are offended by the color pink or things that explode, then this story may not be worthy to your eyes. Just a warning...>.>; I think this is science fiction...I have no idea what modern fantasy is exactly...o.o; So I picked a category!

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